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Duration: 60 minutes


DA Hoskins

Dance artists

Danielle Baskerville, Brodie Stevenson

Brendan Wyatt, Greg Selinger, 

Jennifer Dahl, Lacey Smith, 

Mark Reinhart, Mariana Medellin, Will Ellis

Film Maker/Photographer 

Nico Stagias

Costume Stylist 

Matthew Vaile 

Contributing Writer 

Jordan Tannahill 

Set Designer 

Dieter Janssen 

Production manager 

Oz Weaver

This is a Costume Drama

Once Brendan Wyatt's sphincter and genitalia have been presented almost like clinical exhibits, or William Ellis seen only on screen, has alternatively stimulated his penis then allowed it to subside, there's not much left to say on the subject of nakedness, although that doesn't stop Hoskins from saying it. –The Toronto Star

This is a Costume Drama invites a world of play for both the performer and viewer, mutating the barrage of noise, both literal and  existential of our endlessly complex world. It binds together a buffet of historical, pop, scientific and religious incocnography, characters and situations that forms a knot of influences and references that refuses to be untied. This Is a Costume Drama reveals how we transform, how we put on masks and how we celebrate  - all as it turns the theatre into a landscape built for graphic spectacle. It’s sexy, quirkily adult game of adornment, where the transformation of the exterior exposes a flash of inner life.

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