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DA Hoskins


Dance Artists

Winston Reynolds  

David Rose,

HyoSeung Ye 



Nico Stagias 



Byron Fast

‘I am the kind of Marilyn who loves too much, feels too much and bleeds, for real, when poked’ - Byron Fast 

I am Marilyn

IMG_2668-Enhanced-NR copy.jpg

In response to the multifaceted persona of actress Marilyn Monroe this work was initially imagined as a short film - an examination of queer gender and sexual identities. The film never materialized, but years later it was realized as a contemporary dance solo for the stage premiering in 2008 and now in this incarnation as a three-channel video installation trilogy examining personal/collective identity. Set to a commissioned monologue by Byron Fast and filmed in Seoul,  Berlin and Toronto, this work features dance artists HyoSeung Ye, Winston Reynolds and David Rose.

View part 1 here.

View part 2 here.

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