The Dietrich Group | Mariana Medellin-Meinke – Dance Artist
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Born in Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico Mariana Gamar del Carmen Medellin-Meinke followed her early-age obsession with classical ballet studying at the Bellas Artes in Monterrey, Cleveland, the San Jose Ballet in Ohio and finally The Quinte Ballet School in Belleville, Ontario. It was during her time in Belleville Mariana fell in love with Canada.

In search of that spark felt in the early stages of her ballet affair, she moved to Toronto to further her studies in dance in the contemporary realm studying at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. Mariana is very grateful to have worked with choreographers in the city such as Canadian dance pioneers Danny Grossman, Trish Beatty and with Sylvie Bouchard, William Yong, Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, among others. She has also grown artistically hand in hand with Sebastian Mena and Hogtown Dance. In terms of choreography, Mariana has constantly manifested the imagery which comes to her- creating works that are social commentaries which continually deviate within a – and + perspective. She recently traveled to the Middle East where she fell in love again with the beauty of humans. So, her works are in the + scope at the moment. While in the Middle East, she lived amongst bedouin people in the desert, villages, mountains and caves bringing her closer to nature. Mariana also achieved her long-lasting dream of studying Gaga with the Batsheva Dance Company. Being a part of The Dietrich Group means the world to her – as it’s also been a long-lasting desire of hers.