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Duration 20 minutes 



DA Hoskins

Dance Artists

Danielle Baskerville,

Corrado Cerruto, Jennifer Dahl, Justin De Luna, William Ellis, Tyler Gledhill,

Vanessa Jane Kimmons,

Robert Kingsbury, Mariana Medellin-Meink, Damian Norman, Kaitlin Standeven, Brodie Stevenson, 

Christopher Valentini


Mike Moore, Oz Weaver 

Director of Photography

Nico Stagias 

Additional Photography

Robert Kingsbury 

Still Photography

Javier Castellanos, Katherina Limo 


DA Hoskins, Nico Stagias 

Production Support

Matt Thomas

A guerrilla undertaking that explores the body in the vast landscape of iconic Toronto landmark, the Hearn Generating Station. Images of its singular spaces are layered and inundate the viewer. This work, in partnership with Luminato, offered Visual Artist/Artistic Director DA Hoskins the opportunity to explore the residuals of a once-inhabited landscape. This is a physiological excavation and play of archetypes, suggestive abstractions and occupation.


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