The Dietrich Group | THE COATING PROJECT
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The Coating Project

The Coating Project is a guerrilla film project by The Dietrich Group in 2016. Through it, we explore the body in the vast landscape of the Hearn Generating Station. Images of its singular spaces are layered and inundate the viewer. This work, presented in partnership with the Luminato Festival, offered Visual Artist/Artistic Director DA Hoskins the opportunity to explore the residuals of a once-inhabited landscape. This is a physiological excavation and play of archetypes, suggestive abstractions and occupation.

Looking at the past as we look to the future. As we are all unable to access art in person during this pandemic, The Dietrich Group is opening up the vaults and sharing full works. Here, from 2015 we offer a digital installation created for the Luminato Festival. 

Director: DA Hoskins
Cinematography: Nico Stagias & Robert Kingsbury
Editing: DA Hoskins & Nico Stagias
Still Photography: Javier Felipe Castellanos Ñáñez & Katherina Limo
Performers: Brodie Stevenson, Danielle Baskerville, Dai Kai Norman, Corrado Cerruto, Jennifer Dahl, Justin de Luna, Kaitlin Standeven, Mariana Medellin-Meinke, Robert Kingsbury, Vanessa Jane Kimmons & William Ellis
Costume Stylist: Mike Moore & Matt Vaile
Media Designer: thisfunctional
Production Assistant: Matt Thomas
Producers: Mike Moore & Oz Weaver

 20 minutes