The Dietrich Group | PORTRAIT
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PORTRAIT premiered at the Theatre Centre in 2009, it subsequently was picked up for the FTA – Festival TransAméiques and remounted in 2017 for the SummerWorks Performance Festival.

Lingering in the liminal spaces between performance art, theatre, dance and film, this work highlights the creative act itself, dynamics between artist, audience and muse. PORTRAIT evokes the disparate scope of a creator’s realm, living in heightened relationship to both fantasy and reality.

This documentation is from the 2017 presentation of the work at the SummerWorks Performance Festival in which it received the Canadian Stage Award for Direction.

Looking at the past as we look to the future. Here we open up the vaults and are sharing documentation of a work that started in 2009. As we are all unable to access art currently in person, The Dietrich Group is opening access to full recordings of some of our past works.

Direction/Choreography: DA Hoskins
Dance Artists: Danielle Baskerville & Robert Kingsbury
Costume Stylist: Mike Moore
Composer: Gilles Goyette
Lighting Designer: Simon Rossiter
Filmmaker: Nico Stagias
Stage Manager: Emilie Aubin
Media Designer: thisfunctional
Producer: Oz Weaver

 60 minutes