The Dietrich Group | Simon Rossiter
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Lighting Designer- Simon Rossiter


Simon Rossiter by David LeyesA Toronto-based lighting designer, Simon has designed more than one hundred productions for a variety of companies and artists throughout Canada. Previous works with the dietrich group have included The Land of ***k, Paris 1994/Gallery, and Portrait. Recent collaborators include Toronto Dance Theatre (Triple Bill; Eleven Accords; Rivers), Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie (Uplica; Elvis & The Man in Black; Malcolm; From the House of Mirth), Théâtre français de Toronto (Les Precieuses Ridicules; Les Zinspires; Le Fa Le Do), and Theatre New Brunswick (Frankenstein). He has received multiple Dora Award nominations for lighting, winning the award once, and has twice been nominated for the Pauline McGibbon award in design. Simon is a member of the Associated Designers of Canada.