The Dietrich Group | DA Hoskins in residency at hub14
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DA Hoskins in residency at hub14

Artistic Director DA Hoskins will be in residency at hub14: an artist-run space and performance incubator.




the artist in action is the artist vandalizing their form – going beyond their form – to ultimately bring direct, potent focus to the body, its parts, and our associations.


Over the past year and a half, DA Hoskins and Mark Reinhart have been engaged in a creative interactive exchange in image play. In a landscape involving connection, intimacy and boundaries, they are exploring themes such as colour, sexuality, movement, evolution, character play and personal politics in attempts to expand our common perceptions of the body.


This documentation project will be a malleable entity, a step towards creating a collage of ideas and elements exercised through instinct, response and time. We don’t wish for these ideas to conform or settle, but to be in a perpetual state of change, much like the body.


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