The Dietrich Group | Robert Kingsbury – Performer/Composer
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Working equally in dance, music for the stage and choreography Robert has had the pleasure of many artistic collaborations. In his work he produces music, film & movement to create a sense of performance installation. Recently Robert was honored to be chosen by laureate David Earle as emerging artist of 2011 at the Premiere’s Excellence Awards. A graduate of York’s Fine Arts department, he was awarded prizes in piano performance and composition. Robert studied African Dance & site specific choreography, soon working with distinguished choreographers D.A. Hoskins, David Earle, Bill James, Janet Johnson & Menakka Thakkar. Robert’s work has been performed by Cadence Ballet, at Guelph’s Contemporary Dance Festival, R.O.M.P., Dance Matters, IDD & FFIDA. He has composed for Troy Emery Twigg, Jasmyn Fyffe & D.A. Hoskins. Robert lives in Guelph, training ecstatically with Dancetheatre David Earle & the Fall on Your Feet Movement Lab.