The Dietrich Group | Nico Stagias – Filmmaker
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Filmmaker- Nico Stagias


Nico Stagias is a Toronto based video artist. Professionally, he works as a DOP and editor. Nico’s education includes a MFA degree in Film Production at the University of British Columbia and an honour’s BA in Communication Studies at Concordia University. He also studied at San Francisco State University in cinematography and lighting. Nico produced, directed, shot and edited over 20 promotional commercials for Nickelodeon TV. This campaign, which was shot in India, Malaysia and the Phillippines, won two Silver ProMax awards for Best Campaign and Best Cosmedic Campaign. Nico won the award for Best Artistic Achievement in a shot film at the Inside Out Film Festival for 2 consecutive years in a row: “How to Lose a Guy” (2003) and “Recollect” (2004). “How to Lose a Guy” also won Best Audience Choice award at the Oregon Queer Film Festival. Similarly, “Evelyn Reese’s Wedding Tribute Video” won Best Film at the Queer 2 Fly Film Festival. 2007. Nico was the DOP on this production. At the 2007 DORA Awards, the full-length dance piece, “TimeCode Break” won the award for Best Production. Nico created the visual elements for this production. Nico is also a Gemini nominated editor for the documentary “Christoper House: Ahead of the Curve.”