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“The Coating Project is certainly raw at times but equally poetic and mysterious, contrasting the humanity of the dancers as they populate a hauntingly desolate space.”
Michael Crabb, The Star

“It’s a strip show, both literally and figuratively, and it’s a powerful accomplishment: defiant, irreverent, hugely comedic, inventively choreographed and staged.”
Deirdre Kelly, Critics at Large

“… at once angry, sensual, tender and jarring.”
Jeff Harrison, Eye Weekly

“D.A. Hoskins demonstrated that he knows just what the theatre is for and just how to bring such aesthetic magic alive for the audience.”
Lizzie McNeely, She Does the City

“D.A. Hoskins combines intellectual rigour with emotional wallop, resulting in works that engage hearts and minds.”
Toronto Life

“The approach was immediate and relevant, adjectives you don’t normally apply to contemporary dance.”
Glenn Sumi,Now Magazine

“[Hoskins’ choreography is] hugely scenic, sculptural and forcefully pictorial.”
Toronto Star

“A choreographer of lucid imagination and sensitivity.”
Bob Clark, Calgary Herald


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Please write or Oz Weaver, Executive Director & Producer