The Dietrich Group | OUR SUPPORTERS
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Our Generous Donors & Supporters


Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto

Dylan Horvath
Jordan Worth
Mike Moore
Richard McNutt
Tom Deacon

Amanda Lennox
Barbra Moore
Frances Baskerville
Gallit Ziv
Gerald Crowell
Jake Koseleci
Salvatore Antonio
Shane & Oz Weaver
Stacey Rumpf

Bruce Dawson
Dan Daley
Heidi Strauss
Ken Aucoin
Jake Koseleci
Laura Brehaut
Mark Peacock
Nicholas Krikorian
Sandrine Kwan

Audrey & Michael Weaver
Byron Fast
Chelsea Omel
Tanya Dercach
Tracey Kornblum

Special Thanks
Andrew Christopher Case, Andrew Dobson, Big Studios, Charlie Craik, DA Hoskins, Dan Snow,  Dieter Janseen, Chris Reynolds, Culture One, Danielle Baskerville, Dieter Jansen, Dorothy & Evan Weaver, Eve Tobolka, Fleck Dance Theatre & Crew,  Harbourfront Centre, Jason Hickey, Jordan Worth, Jordan Tannahill, Josh McGill, Laurence Lemieux, Laura Brehaut, Laura Cournoyea, Lynnane Sparrow, Matthew DeWaal, Matthew Vaile, Nico Stagais, Oz Weaver, Robert Kingsbury, Santosh Isaac, Shane Weaver, Shaun Brown (NPT LLP), Simon Rossiter, Snow Digital and Social, Tina Rasmussen,  Tyler Gledhill, Tina Rasmussen, Wayne Fairhead, Westend Offset Plate Service & World Stage & to everyone who purchased post cards.

Thanks to our 2015 Fundraiser Bar Sponsors 
Pilsner Urquell & Pelee Island Winery

Thanks to our Government Partners 
Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council & Canada Council for the Arts



Our Generous 2013/2014 Donors & Supporters 


The Land of Lovers- $500+
Richard McNutt & big studios inc.

The Land of Friends- $100+
Anders Eriksson, Danielle Baskerville, Jennifer Dahl, Jordan Worth, Joshua Beamish, Kenny Pearl, Kelly & Mike Zivanovic, Kenau Coin, Linda Ferras, Luisa Duran, Michael Boyuk, Michael Szarka, Pascal Desrosiers, Patricia J Griggs, Ron Stewart, Sandrine Kwan, Thomas Deacon, Barbara Moore and Valerie Dugale

The Land of Friends with Benefits- $200+
Aerin Barnes, Chris Reynolds, Don Ainslie, Dr Gallit Ziv, Dylan Horvath, Fred Hoskins, Frederick Weaver, Hari and Rex, Jay J Moore, Joanne Farrell, Mike Twamley, Nicholas Krikrian and Steve Williams, Joseph Montemurro and Keri Cameron

The Land of Encounters- $50+
Alaina Viau, Allen Braude, Corinne McCabe, David W Meinke, Karen Kaeja, Kevin, Laura Brehaut, Mark Aikman, Mark Peacock, Madia Marshy, Nicole Rush, Salvatore Antonio, Santosh Isaac, Seth Poulin, Shane McNutt and William Ellis

The Land of Hookups– $25+
A.J. Morra, Alex Vass, Alexis McDougall, Alyssa Martin, Anisa Tejpar, Bonnie Kim, Christianne Ullmark, Dalibor Jakus, Danielle Baskerville, Drew Lint, Emily Smart, Isabelle Gagnon, Jenn Goodwin, Josh McGill, Kaitlin Standeven, Kevin Cornista, Lauren & Dan Cook, Leila Marshy, Lisa Quaning, Lori Armstrong, Molly Johnson, Peter Hessel, Rebekkah Wilkin, Robert Stephen, Ruby Woods, Sasha Ivanochko, Shannon Litzenberger, Stewart Giem, Susie Burpee, Tess Girard, Tina Delis,Tina Fushell, Todd Feaver and Whitney Hewitt

Special Thanks

Betty Weaver, Big Studios, Charles Pavia, Dorothy & Evan Weaver, Hari and Rex, Isabelle Gagnon, Josh McGill, Tina Rasmussen, Matthew DeWaal, Oz Weaver and Troy Cavair

If you would like to help us continue to create groundbreaking Canadian performance art, please consider making a donation to The Dietrich Group, HERE.