The Dietrich Group | I am an animal
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I am an animal


“Expect to laugh, expect to potentially feel uncomfortable, but also expect to feel strongly moved and, if anything, expect the unexpected.”
– MOONEY on theatre


The Dietrich Group’s latest work, I AM AN ANIMAL, explores the theme of desire in exchange with five exceptional young dance artist. The conceptual landscape of the work investigates the layers of desire as part of an evolution of personal fulfillment and survival. With an uncompromisingly youthful voice, I AM AN ANIMAL explores understandings and vibrant insights during a potent time of discovery. Born out of an interest to create vehicles for young dancers he has only been able to engage with in institutional settings, artistic director D.A. Hoskins continues to broaden The Dietrich Group’s creative exchanges with I AM AN ANIMAL.


Director and Choreographer:
DA Hoskins
Dance Artists: Emily Law, Paul Charbonneau, Fabien Piche, Andrew Hartley & Mariana Medellin-Meinke
Lighting Designer: Oz Weaver
Costume Designer: Mike Moore
Producer & Production Manager: Oz Weaver


Toronto Council for the ArtsOntario Arts Council

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