The Dietrich Group | FLORENCE
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There is a lake in Northern Ontario called Florence. Nature, this place, experiences camping and portaging ~ all have inspired The Dietrich Group’s newest work. FLORENCE is both about the act of seeing and being immersed in the view; like the simultaneous experience of looking at a landscape, and being a part of nature. An exploration of the body in a landscape, FLORENCE sets out to find physical intimacy in silhouette – the intimacy of the player playing and the watcher watching, and that which is in between. This incubation of Florence premiered in March 2016 at The Collective Space, a former sound stage off Sterling Avenue in the emerging Lower Junction Triangle. 


“My relationship to this place is one of meditative, awestruck beauty. Here, I feel closer to the sky, and more connected to the surface of the earth. There is a tactile energy that manifests as constant change. I see differently, and am connected both to a sense of home, and to a deep, weathered history.”

DA Hoskins
Artistic Diretor 


Direction/Choreography: DA Hoskins
Dance Artists: Emily Law & Naishi Wang
Costume Stylist: Mike Moore
Composer & Sound Designer: Daniel Maslany
Lighting Designer: Andre du Toit
Motion Graphics/ Projection Designer: Arv Slabosevicius
Stage Manager: Laura Cournoyea
Media Designer: ThisFuctional
Producer/Production Manager: Oz Weaver


Nominated 2016 Dora Award for Best Female Lead, Dance (Emily Law)

 60 minutes


Toronto Arts CouncilOntario Arts Council