The Dietrich Group | WORKS
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Existence (and how we exist) is the expression of a perception in and of time. Within this vast, common landscape, The Dietrich Group is most curious about exploring the individual in humanity. An interest in distinct realities – the who and what, the where and when, the here and now … an interest in the defining road map that lives amongst an infinite range of ideas, contorted opinions and contradictory existences. Clarity, confusion; connection, disconnection; placement, displacement; repetition, wisdom, knowledge, ignorance – how these realities sit beside each other, coexist, create and ultimately speak is the landscape The Dietrich Group explores.

Responding to heightened media saturation and a rapidly growing urban landscape, The Dietrich Group explores a sensory expressionism that works to highlight and integrate individuality. This conceptual initiative aims to affect the senses on an emotional and psychological level for both the performer and audience, instigating a perspective where the individuals’ feelings and responses are essential commentary within the work as a whole. States and statements, acknowledgement and reiteration, embodiment, absorption and questioning are all fundamental in the realm of The Dietrich Group’s expressive investigations in dance.