The Dietrich Group | ABOUT
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“I, you say, and are proud of the word. But greater still is that in which you have so little faith, your body and its great reason that does not say I, but does I.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


Instigated to expand the expressive potential of dance by means of collaborative exchange and open dialogue, The Dietrich Group has established a core of diverse artists since its inception in 2008. In its activities the platform draws from a broad range of artistic disciplines while maintaining a focus on the strength and power of dance in theatre. The Dietrich Group is interested in distinct realities – a defining road map that lives amongst an infinite range of ideas, opinions and existences.

States and statements, acknowledgement and reiteration, embodiment, absorption and questioning are all fundamental in The Dietrich Group’s expressive investigations in dance.


What motivates me to participate in creation is a perspective that is constantly changing. My work speaks by using questions – its’ explorations are in and of a time. I’m interested in deconstructed narrative, creating visual installations, sensory exploration, sexuality/mortality (aren’t we all), and pursuing clarity and personal identity. As an director, producer and artist I pursue ideas, approaches and personal connections that manifest in an arena of play and vitality.

DA Hoskins
Artistic Director